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Rotation of pediatrics and family practice residents in dentistry
Rotation of dental residents in family practice and pediatrics
Basic Growth and Development of the Face and Dental Arches/Development & Morphology of Teeth 
Eruption Pattern of Primary and Permanent Dentition 
Dental Caries - Etiology 
Gingival and Periodontal Disease in Children 
Anticipatory Guidance for Pediatric Oral Health 
Examination of Mouth 
Prevention Techniques (brushing, fluoride, diet) 
Diet, Nutrition and Fluoride; Caries Prevention 
Management of Traumatic Injuries to the Primary & Permanent Dentition 
Oral Pathology 
Oral Health Care for Children with Physical and Developmental Disabilities, and Systemic Disease 
Non-Nutritive Sucking 
Diagnosis of Space Irregularities in the Developing Dentition 
Cleft Lip and Palate - The Team Approach 
Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease 
Genetic Aspects of Dental Anomalies 
Cultural Competency 




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