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Oral Hygiene Instruction:

Now that we have made your teeth nice and shiny, we are going to show you how to take really good care of your teeth at home. Hold this mirror in your left hand so that you can see what I am doing. We are going to put some special vitamins on your teeth that make them nice and healthy. When you are brushing your teeth, you always want to go from one ear to the other, so that you do not skip any teeth. Open nice and big. We are going to tickle your teeth and your gums. We are going to wiggle up and away. See how I am doing little wiggles? Up and away. We are going to go all the way around from one ear to the other. Can you see? Is this how you brush at home? Then we are going to give you that little straw again, ok? To drink all vitamins, ok? Here comes that magic straw...and close your lips...and open...


How To Floss:

All right, now I am going to show you how to clean in between your teeth...ok? We are going to show these cool little dinosaurs and they help you clean in between your teeth... ok? It is called special floss for kids. I'll show you my dinosaurs. See? This helps us clean in between the teeth. And they tickle a little bit. Nice and soft, ok? I'll show you. Open nice and big. We never want to go straight in and straight out. We want to wiggle in between your teeth: shimmy... shimmy...shimmy... shimmy...wiggle out. We did the ones in the front and we want to do the ones in the back. We are going to wiggle in... shimmy... shimmy...shimmy... shimmy... and we are going to wiggle out, ok? We want to do this every night before going to bed, ok? That's how we take really good care of your teeth.



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