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Fluoride varnish is a concentrated topical fluoride with a resin or synthetic base. When applied in early childhood, constitutes an effective preventive measure against cavities.



>> Pediatric dentist :

  • All right, I want to thank you so much for bringing him in. He looks absolutely beautiful. This is the perfect age for us to get a first look at him. In this appointment we'll just do a little bit of talking and then I will do a quick exam at the end and I will apply a little bit of varnish to his teeth. The varnish is preventive and it just helps to make them a little bit stronger.
    Everything looks wonderful... This will be very quick...
    We just wipe the teeth off to make them dry. I'm just going to paint the varnish on.
    We're finished... give him a hug...

>> Mother picks up the child <<


>> Pediatric dentist :

  • The varnish needs to stay on for about 6 hours. Don't brush it off. Don't brush for about 6 hours. And he should eat things that are soft so that it doesn't scrape off. All right, and that is pretty much it...


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